About Fencing

Fencing enjoys a long and colored history as a combat form and an art. As a sport, it is one of four original Olympic sports in the modern Games (since 1896). The modern fencer trains to hone agility, quickness, precision, power, and subtlety of movement. Within the sport itself are three disciplines: Epee, Foil, and Sabre.

Among combat sports, Fencing uses a unique blend of modern electrical gear for precise scoring mechanisms while enjoying a rich tradition of elegant movements developed from real dueling in the 16th and 17th centuries. Contrary to the common perception of a sport where weapons are used, because of our strong emphasis on safety and protocol, Fencing is one of the safest sports available for the public.

The main purpose of the sport is to spar and duel with an opponent, pitting your physical skills and mental agility against the opponent. In the sport of Fencing, we do lots of sparring to hone our skills and to enjoy the thrill of combat; the activity gives you a great workout and challenges you mentally. The sport is often described as physical chess because of this duality and the adrenaline rush it gives.

For the serious Fencer, individual lessons are a integral part of the sport. Working one-to-one with the Coach, the Fencer can refine and hone his or her skills while getting a serious workout. The Coach can also impart knowledge in the areas of tactical expertise, fight psychology, and strategic thinking.

Group training is another integral part of Fencing. In this environment, the Fencer is challenged with coordination exercises, strength and conditioning, and other physical drills that will prepare the body for the intensity of the sport. Additionally, Fencers will do exercises to hone their skills in pairs or groups, and also do tactical exercises that will teach them the finer aspects of combat.

Blade Club is the largest full-service Fencing club in Singapore, with training provided for all aspects of the sport across all of the three weapon disciplines (Foil, Epee, and Sabre), from young fencers (as early as 4) to adults and veteran fencers (60+). We train beginners to world-class athletes, leisure as well as competitive fencers.

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