Fencing Introduction
Trial package

For 1 Session
Experience all three Fencing disciplines of fencing

The most fun, cost-effective, and complete way to get started!
  • Discounted rate for new fencers
  • Complete introduction, with real fencing!
  • No equipment needed, provided by the Club
  • Quick and easy to start, no other costs
  • Experience Foil, Epee and Sabre Fencing!
Starter package

For 6 classes
Basic training at reasonable rates.
  • $50 per class
  • $270 for 6 classes
Starter package

Per Month
Unlimited group classes / month
(for a package of three months)*

For the fencers looking for serious competitive training and fencers looking to more rapidly improve their skills.
  • Usual price $385 Per Month if buying one month at a time
  • $1050 for 3 Months of unlimited classes
  • Unlimited group classes for one of the weapon types: Foil, Epee or Sabre for the month
  • *Terms and conditions apply

Individual Lessons
Personalized and Private Sessions

Per Session
25-30 minute one-to-one session
(for a package of 10 lessons)

Personalized lessons in an intense one-to-one workout for technical refinement.
  • Usual price $100 per individual lesson
  • $900 for 10 individual lessons
  • Timings can be arranged with the coach
Kickstart Training Program

Per Month
Unlimited classes / month
(for a package of six months)
with FREE equipment
For new fencers joining the club for the first time.
  • Equipment worth $160+ given free* when you purchase a 6 months package.
  • Only for new fencers*
  • * Conditions apply.
National Athletes
National Team Training Program

Per Month
Unlimited classes / month
For our elite fencers
  • Paid yearly, $1800 a year
  • Paid quarterly, $600 for 3 months
  • Paid monthly, $250
  • Only for fencers that are currently in the National Team