Fencing Introduction
Trial package

For 1 Session
Experience all three Fencing disciplines of fencing

The most fun, cost-effective, and complete way to get started!
  • For new fencers to the club and for beginners trying for the first time
  • Complete introduction, with real fencing!
  • No equipment needed, provided by the Club
  • Quick and easy to start, no other costs
  • Easiest way to experience Foil, Epee, and Sabre!
Starter package

For 8 classes
Basic training at reasonable rates.
  • Usual price $60 per class
  • Discounted rate of $50 per class for 8 classes
Regular Training
Most popular package

Per Month (For Jan-Dec)
Unlimited group classes / month
(Purchased as a yearly package)*

Save up to $900 off normal price

For the fencers looking for serious competitive training and fencers looking to more rapidly improve their skills.
  • Usual price $425 Per Month
  • Discounted price when paying by Quarter $1200 for Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Aug and $1050 for Oct-Dec
  • Discounted price when paying for Jan-Dec $4200
  • Unlimited group classes for one of the weapon types: Foil, Epee or Sabre for the month
  • Save up to $900 off usual price
  • *Fees are collected at the start of the training period. No variation of training period is given unless in exceptional circumstances. Terms and conditions apply.

Individual Lessons
Personalized and Private Sessions

Per Session
25-30 minute one-to-one session
(for a package of 10 lessons)

Personalized lessons in an intense one-to-one workout for technical refinement.
  • Usual price $100 per individual lesson
  • $900 for 10 individual lessons
  • Timings can be arranged with the coach
National Athletes
National Team Training Program

Per Month (Paid Yearly)
Unlimited classes
For our elite fencers
  • Paid yearly, $2400 a year
  • *Only for fencers that are currently in the National Team