Blade Club Singapore

Discover Fencing with some the most dedicated and experienced people in the sport! At Blade Club, we always strive to be the best fencing club in Singapore in terms of passion, results, and performance. Our experiences in fencing, the life skills that we have learnt, and our knowledge are what we always aim to communicate to our students. The Blade Club mission is to deliver high standards in its many programs to spread and develop fencing in Singapore; we are proud to say that we have done so consistently over the years, producing high level fencers and many satisfied schools and partnering organizations.


Blade Club has been operating successfully since 2005 is the largest fencing club in Singapore in terms of size/number of programs, and number of students. Blade Club currently runs numerous programs, including fencing CCAs at schools, ranging from Primary to Tertiary institutions, and country clubs; this is one of the largest and furthest-reaching programs for fencing in Singapore.

Proven Results

Blade Club athletes hold some of the top ranks in Singapore fencing for all weapon types. Many of our coaches are national athletes from Singapore and overseas and have medal results at international levels (including South East Asia Games and Asian Games). Our students consistently do well at various national and club-level competitions, often earning medals. Our coaches have helped the schools they train at win various honours at national, interschool, and interclub competitions.

Strong Values

The combination of mental challenges (from the tactical and chess-like analysis needed) and physical demands (as with other combat sports) makes fencing a unique tool with which we can teach students important life values. At Blade Club, our goal is to impart our students with the core values of Fearlessness, Intelligence, Resilience, Sportsmanship and Tenacity. Particularly with our young students, we seek to equip them with the life skills necessary to be well-rounded and successful people in the future.

Our #1 goal: To build “Winners for Life” through this unique sport!