Kiria Tikanah, Singapore’s first ever Epee Olympian, was recently interviewed by enroute to her first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, after winning the Asian Qualifiers 2021 in Uzbekistan in scintillating fashion. We love the article and particularly want to highlight some of the more important points the writer and Kiria put forward:

“In Singapore, we traditionally consider self-improvement to be attaining the best grades. Kiria suggests that sports can offer a refreshing outlook on how to better oneself.”

It also provides an alternative pathway in our academically-driven society, where becoming an athlete, sports coach or sports psychologist is a possible career choice.

Moreover, there is a lot we can learn from good sportsmanship. When we see our national athletes win, we learn how discipline, hard work, tenacity and teamwork are key ingredients to success. They serve as role models in society.

When playing sports, we also have the chance to build our character, encouraging us to be our best selves and give our best to others.”

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